Dish Wash Citrus Scent


Bloo dot hand dish wash is a high-action dish wash liquid with an advanced grease busting formula that helps Clean oil and grease stains leaving your utensils freshly cleaned and residue free. It also is highly effective and efficiently cleans stains of a sink full of utensils in just one spoon. the strong cleaning properties of the dish wash make it easy to turn dirty dishes into squeaky clean ones. The bloo dot dish wash is formulated to remove tough stains without causing harm to your skin by maintaining a controlled ph level. It is good for not only cleaning regular utensils but also glassware and expensive crockery

  • Gentle on the hands, Safe on dishes
  • It provides a pleasant cleaning experience and gives a refreshing lemon fragrance during dish wash

keep out of reach of children.

if dish wash liquid gets in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water

if swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute.

Bloo Dot Ingredients: Sodium hydroxide, Sodium sulfate

sodium lauryl ether sulfate, sodium chloride, Slurry, perfume(fragrance), aqua(water)



Scent : Citrus Scent
Brand : Bloo Dot
Item Form : Liquid
Item Weight


: 500 ml, 250 ml



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